Caring for Your Skin in Cold Weather

Caring for Your Skin in Cold Weather

The cold does lots of things to our bodies. Of course, it physically makes us cold but it also causes our skin to become dry. We’ve all been there… parts of our skin, perhaps our hands or elbows, become irritably dry, cracked or itchy.

With the current weather in the UK, it’s important to take care of our skin to ensure it gets the moisture it needs. I tend to find that my hands, elbows, knees and nostrils are worst in the winter months, so I’m going to share with you the products that I use to help keep my skin healthy and happy.

Lush Charity Pot - £3.95 for 45g

I’ll be honest, I’ve only ever used the 10g trial size of this cream. When asked at the till if I’d like to purchase it with my other items, I always have that slightly guilty conscience that says I should… it costs £1 and is for charity, so why not? I’ve been debating whether or not to buy a bigger size of this cream and I think that in time, I will. I tend to keep one little pot with my make-up, so that I apply every morning. I also keep one in my work bag, so that any time the skin on my hands start to become ‘stiff’ or sore, I can use it.

It’s the perfect small size to fit into a bag, so it’s not too heavy to take around. I’ve always had trouble with dry elbows, no matter what time of year it is. This cream has helped banish those dreaded dry wrinkles!

In terms of the consistency, it’s quite light. However, it does need a couple of minutes to sink into the skin so at first it can feel quite oily. After it’s gone into the skin though, I feel that my skin is left feeling soft. The smell isn’t anything to shout about, so if you prefer nice smelling products then you might want to check out others in the Lush range. It can be used on any part of the body, so when I purchase a bigger size I’ll definitely try it on my arms and legs too.

I’d rate this cream 8/10.

Kiehl’s Daily Reviving Concentrate - £38 for 30ml

As my skin can sometimes get too oily, I don’t use this product every day. I use it once or twice a week, sometimes more if it’s particularly cold out or I have dry patches on my skin. The oil smells DEVINE. When I first tried it, I didn’t actually think it would smell that good but I love it.

It’s quite expensive but not much is needed to have the desired effect on your skin, so although the investment is high, it does last a long time. It seeps into the skin quickly and leaves a smooth feeling on those dryer patches. I use this oil before putting on my moisturiser but I always give it a good 5 minutes to soak in.

I’d rate this product 9/10.

Lush Naked Body Conditioner - £10.95

During the sale period, I stocked up on all things ‘Snow Fairy’ from Lush. The scent truly is one of my favourites and I only discovered it when they took away my precious ‘Creamy Candy Bubble Bar’ over Christmas. So, during the Boxing Day sales at Lush, I went crazy and decided to try different ‘Snow Fairy’ products. This included one of their body conditioners, which I have to say is now one of my favourites.

For those of you who don’t know how their body conditioners work, you can use it in the bath and shower by running it under the water, lathering it up in your hands and then rubbing into the skin. When I first asked one of the lovely ladies in Lush how it works, she told me that you can completely wash it off if you wish or you can keep some of it on your skin and rub it in when getting out of the shower. I opted to keep some of it on my skin because this meant that I could totally miss the moisturising step after the shower. It saved me time and I smelt amazing. Someone said to me that I ‘literally smell of Snow Fairy’ and that made me incredibly happy. Not only did I have super soft skin (and elbows - yes!) but I SMELT of my favourite scent!

My only issue with this product is if you’re using it every day, it doesn’t last as long as you’d like. For me, it lasted a couple of weeks. I now have one conditioner left and I’m holding off using it because I know it smells so delicious. Although this scent isn’t in the shop anymore, they do have other scents such as ‘American Pie’.

I’d rate this 8.5/10, mainly because the smell and effects are beautiful but I’d love it to last longer and there to be another flavour that smells as lovely as the ‘Snow Fairy’.

Blistex Relief Cream - £2.69

When I was taking Roaccutane for my acne, I had a terrible case of chapped and cracked lips. I had tried so many different lip balms that I lost count. It was only when someone told me to try Blistex Relief Cream that my lips began to heal. Although I don't use it as much now, it is great for when you have really dry lips that can’t seem to heal - this can happen during the colder months!

It did used to sting a little when I applied it but it worked wonders - the cracks would heal fairly quickly and it did leave my lips moisturised. This cream is medicated, so I don’t think it should be for long-term use. During other months, I put Vaseline on when necessary, and try to remember to apply some every night before sleeping. This helps to keep my lips moisturised through the night so they’re soft enough to wear lipstick in the morning.

I’d rate this 10/10 for healing.

Hope you find some of them useful!

Love, Ali x

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