How Eyelash Extensions Changed My Life

How Eyelash Extensions Changed My Life

You may not believe me when I tell you that I’ve never in my life worn fake, stick-on eyelashes. So… you may be wondering why on earth I went for eyelash extensions without trying the cheaper alternative first. You see, I’ve never been a fan of stick-on eyelashes. I always thought they generally looked really fake and would often look quite obviously glued on. I also didn’t like the idea of having to put them on and take them off again - what if they got stuck? What if it damaged my eyes? It was just too much for me to want to deal with.

So, how did I find out about eyelash extensions? Back in December, someone told me that they needed to go and put make-up on. I was genuinely surprised because I thought she was already wearing some. Her skin looked nice and her eyelashes and eyebrows perfect. However… she told me she was wearing eyelash extensions. I was recommended to try them for myself, but me being me I said I would definitely not try them out as I thought they wouldn’t suit me.

After a couple of days debating, I decided to do some actual research. After looking at many different websites and checking out local lash technicians, I decided I’d book an appointment with Charlotte at Lash Hut. One of the most important decisions was what type of lashes I wanted.

There were three options…

  1. Classic/Individual Eyelash Extensions - one lash applied to each individual eyelash.

  2. Russian Volume Eyelash Extensions - three lashes applied to each individual eyelash.

  3. Hybrid Eyelash Extensions - a combination of both Classic and Russian Volume lashes.


What happens at the appointment?

Charlotte talked through with me what type of lashes I was after, how I wanted them to look and what length I’d like them. I took a couple of pictures that I found on her Instagram so that she had a good idea of ones I liked. She explained how she would match the lashes perfectly to my eye shape, so I could immediately tell she knew what she was doing.

After explaining what would happen, she had me lie down. I’ve heard some people say they have heard stories that eyelash extensions hurt. To be honest, if done properly then they shouldn’t hurt. Your bottom lashes are tied down, which can be a little uncomfortable when you’re not used to it but this is purely to stop your bottom lashes becoming attached to the glue when applied to your upper lashes. After this, your eyes have to stay closed. Charlotte applied some primer to my lashes, which did actually cause my eyes to itch and was uncomfortable but she stopped using that on my last appointment because it caused my eyes to water. That is the ONLY thing that hurt in the whole process, and I’ve been three times now.

The whole thing takes about an hour and a half to two hours. If you’re an impatient person then perhaps this isn’t for you. However, if you’re like me and totally enjoy taking that “me” time after a busy day, it’s perfect!

Once Charlotte had applied all the lashes to mine, she applied a product that was supposed to help the lashes last longer. She then used what I can only describe as a mini hair dryer (I’ve never actually seen it, but I’m curious) to dry the lashes. After this… Voila! You have pretty lashes.

What types of lashes have I had?

On my first two appointments I went with Classic lashes. This was because as I’d never even worn stick-on lashes before, I wasn’t sure how they were going to look on me. I’d describe my real eyelashes as quite short so having extensions was going to be a big step for me!

I was so incredibly happy with my lashes because they looked natural, felt lightweight and I got lots of compliments. Classic lashes are perfect if, like me at the time, you are new to wearing them. They’re not a drastic change but they are still noticeable and incredibly pretty.

On my most recent visit I decided that I wanted something a little more glamorous. I still wanted them to look delicate but I didn’t want them to look super duper fake. So, Charlotte asked me if I wanted more length or more thickness. I’m really happy with the length I’ve had so I knew I wanted more thickness. She suggested me trying Hybrid lashes. Once she’d finished, she told me she thought I was going to love them. She was right, I absolutely adore them! They look so fluffy.

Another thing that made me decide I wanted more thickness on my lashes was the fact that quite a few had fallen out with my last ones. With Classic lashes it’s easy to see once several fall out but I’m hoping that with extra thickness, it won’t be as noticeable - although perhaps it will, but only to me. Charlotte also told me that the Russian Volume lashes seem to last longer due to how they are applied. Bonus!

If you’re still not sure about whether eyelash extensions are for you, here are a few pros and cons to help…


You can wear less make-up

I wear make-up most days but when I don’t, I don’t feel as self-conscious because it does actually look like I’m wearing some. I’ve always HATED wearing mascara - I hate the way it smudges on my face, makes my eyes feel itchy and can go clumpy. I find mascara incredibly uncomfortable. For me, the idea of not having to wear that every day AND have better looking lashes sold the whole process. Eyelash extensions + eyebrows done = perfection. I promise you, it’ll make you feel so much better.

It saves you time

As I mentioned in the one before, I no longer have to put mascara on or even wear much make-up if I don’t have time. This actually saves me time because I only have to apply make-up to my skin, not my lashes or brows. It also means I don’t have to spend time cleaning all the mascara off my face, which was always one of the worst things to do at the end of the day!

They look AMAZING

When I had my classic lashes, a lot of people asked me if my eyelashes were real. They genuinely thought they were my natural eyelashes, which I think is a massive compliment to both me and my lash technician. Eyelash extensions, if done by the right person who knows what they’re doing, will look beautiful, fluffy and soft. It is wholeheartedly not something I regret. I wake up feeling humbled, knowing that when I look in the mirror I’ll be happy.

It’s an excuse to nap

Having eyelash extensions does mean they need to be maintained every two to three weeks. This is because eyelashes have a natural cycle, meaning that your eyelash extensions will fall out with your natural lash. So, if you want to keep your lashes looking lovely they’ll need to be infilled. This process takes around 1.5 hours. Apparently, most people fall asleep when having this done because you literally get to lay there with your eyes closed. I’ve not fallen asleep as of yet (at least, I don’t think…) unfortunately. Don’t worry - if you do fall asleep and you’re a snorer, guaranteed your lash tech will have heard worse….



It costs a lot

Having eyelash extensions is a real commitment. My advice to you would be that if you decide to go for them, go with someone who is a little more expensive. Why? Because if you go with a cheap lash tech, your lashes will probably end up with too much glue and they won’t look pretty. Think about it for a moment… applying eyelashes must be an incredibly intricate job. You want someone who does it for a living and really knows their stuff. So yes, it is expensive but it is worth it if they genuinely make a difference to your life.

Obviously, they fall out…

The eyelashes, as I’ve mentioned, will fall out. This can start to be a little frustrating because you notice the little gaps between your lashes. However… having them filled in over the appropriate amount of time will help with this. You just need to be committed enough to stick with them - unless you’re only wanting them for a particular occasion, which is totally great too!

Eyeshadow can be pretty annoying

I’ve actually stopped wearing eyeshadow or eyeliner now because I don’t really feel that I need it. Not to mention that it can take ages to gently clean it all away at the end of the day! I did recently buy a new eyeshadow palette but I’m slightly regretting it now because I know I won’t use it very often!

I’ve got to say, overall I am so happy that I decided to go for eyelash extensions. Yes, they cost me a lot of money but the pros definitely outweigh any of the cons. They look amazing and if taken care of properly, will stay that way. I can’t tell you how much they have boosted my confidence and made me feel so much better about myself.

Thanks to my lash technician, Charlotte, for always making me look and feel lovely!

Please feel free to ask any questions if you have them. Check out Charlotte’s website too! You can also find her on Instagram.

Love, Ali x

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