Iconic London: HD Blend Brushes

Iconic London: HD Blend Brushes

In recent months, I’ve been using my beauty blender every single day. The brushes I own are not the best quality, so I only tended to use them for eyeshadow. However… For my birthday this year I was bought these beautiful Iconic London brushes. I’m going to review the four brushes that I use when doing my base make-up, as these are the ones I now use the most.


First Thoughts

When I first opened my shiny new brushes, the first thing I noticed was how beautiful they are. They came in a lovely white bag and protected by plastic wrapping. The handles truly are reflective and they’re the sort of thing that you just don’t want to use in fear of getting them dirty. To be honest, you can see fingerprints left on them, especially when you combine that with make-up.

The second thing I noticed was, of course, the quality of the brushes. The bristles are so dense, so thick and so soft. The thicker the better… The more bristles, hopefully the smoother the application of make-up to your face. I honestly cannot put into words just how dense the brushes feel.

When looking at the pictures, you might think that they look really heavy, right? Nope! The handles of the brushes are actually light - I think they’re made out of plastic. So, the heaviest part of the brushes are actually the application end.


First Use

Now… imagine being used to ‘patting’ when using a beauty blender and then suddenly having to swipe with brushes. You get used to one method that suddenly having to use another feels slightly alien! Nevertheless, I persevered. The first brush I used was the foundation brush (the biggest one in the images) and it was a pretty seamless application of the foundation. It enabled the foundation to easily move around my skin.

The main thing I noticed was that sometimes I am left with streaks on my face, so I have to make sure that it is all blended in completely. On days when I don’t have much patience for this, I will use my beauty blender over the top to blend out the streaks.

The second brush that I used was the contour brush. I’m used to using a much smaller brush to apply my cream contour and then using my beauty blender to pat it into my skin. However, this one is much bigger so the first time I used it, I applied too much product and ended up with too much on my skin so I had to reapply. However, as long as you know how much product to use for the brush, it works pretty well and blends in nicely. This, along with the smallest brush which is used for contouring the nose, is great! The small one in particular I like because it allows me to easily blend all of the products together without any coming off of my skin.

The final brush, which is specially for baking, I did not use for baking. I used it to try and apply a small amount of powder. It worked okay, but I think I will save that one for when I do try ‘baking’. However, it is not something I do because I prefer a small layer of powder with a good foundation.

Brush Care

I am used to using my brush cleaner spray on my brushes and running it under the water, so when I first went to clean my foundation brush from this set I drenched it in water. Don’t do this. On the website, it states that you should not submerge in water - so I should have read this. It took ages to dry and eventually I used my hair dryer on it. The texture isn’t as soft as when I first got them, but I think this would have been the case whether I used too much water or not.

I haven’t yet washed my other brushes (gross, I know) because I really enjoy the soft texture. However… when I do next wash them I will just use some brush cleaner and a flannel to get any excess product off. I learnt my lesson. Don’t make the same mistake I did!


Final Thoughts

I wouldn’t say that I use these brushes every single time I do my make-up. I alternate between these brushes and my beauty blender. I would say it also depends how much time I have - obviously I’m quicker with my beauty blender because it’s what I’m used to using. Not only that, but I am a perfectionist when it comes to foundation. I hate there being inconsistencies on my face so the brushes mean that I have to take more time to ensure it’s not streaky.

The Iconic London brushes are definitely worth it if you’re after a set that is high quality, high density and high impact. The bristles are excellent - so thick and smooth. I do truly love them.

If you want to buy any of the products, the full set is £75 and the base set £45.

Let me know if you’ve tried these brushes before!

Love, Ali x

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