You Go Girl: March Birchbox Review

You Go Girl: March Birchbox Review

Birchbox is definitely the subscription I look forward to receiving the most every month! I always love the products and they are usually things I am happy to try and use. This month I received five products that I think genuinely suit me and what I’m after from my subscription! Below I’ll be telling you all about each product and my experience with using each one so far.

For anyone who doesn’t know, Birchbox is a beauty subscription where you pay £10 per month (plus shipping) for five products to arrive in a pretty little box. These tend to be a mixture of make-up and skincare products. Most months, you’re able to pick a certain type or colour product - for example, this month you got to choose which face mask you received.


This month was, of course, focusing on the theme of International Women’s Day so each product aimed to inspire us girls!

So, what’s in the box?

Generation Clay Detoxifying Charcoal Mask - RRP £28.50 for 60g

I do really love receiving face masks in my subscription boxes because I never really buy them in the shops. I love that Birchbox always send good quality masks too! This mask of course came in a smaller size than the full-size product. I have used it once but reckon I can get one more application out of it!

This clay mask aims to detoxify skin, reduce oil and minimise pores. For me, this was perfect because I am really trying to balance the oils in my skin and keep my skin as clean as possible when I’m not wearing make-up! This product made my skin feel super soft and clean after usage and generally helped with my oiliness throughout the day. I have sometimes found that face masks can cause a tingle on my skin but this one did not give me any uncomfortable feels at all!

All I had to do was apply and leave on for around 10 minutes before washing off. As you can see in the not so flattering picture below, it starts to dry pretty quickly! This was about a minute after application. I’d currently rate this product 8/10. I would love to buy the full version of this product and perhaps in future I will! The only reason I won’t straight away is because I like to be 100% before spending that much money on a face mask.

Let’s pretend I’m smiling…

Let’s pretend I’m smiling…

BOD Glitter Body Scrub in Pink Salt & Coconut Petite - RRP £4.49 for 50ml

Show me something glittery and you’ve got me hooked… This body scrub was no exception. I don’t often use body scrub, mostly because I can never be bothered with cleaning it all up! However… I decided to use this one in the bath because it doesn’t have to stay on for a period of time without getting wet. So, I simply scrubbed at my arms and other areas of my body until I felt it had been long enough and then washed off.

Upon inspection during scrubbing, it certainly was glittery. It also had little exfoliating beads in which would help pull away any dirt or excess skin. It smells DEVINE. Even when washed off, the scent stays on your skin and is wonderful. I think this product does a great job. Would I buy this product again? 100% yes. At this price and considering how long I think this small tube will last me, I’d definitely pay that amount of money for something that smells lovely and is GLITTERY. I’d rate this product 9/10 - the scent didn’t stay for too long but lingered enough to please me.

The Beauty Crop “You Go Girl” Bronzer in Sardinia Sand - RRP £8 for 3g

Right… Bronzers are not something that I use too much of and actually have never gone out of my way to buy. All the bronzers I own have been from my Birchbox subscription. The main reason I don’t use bronzers very often (I stick with a small amount of my cream contour kit) is because I always worry they will look out of place on my very pale skin.

This product is quite nice - it isn’t too dark so doesn’t look bad! I’ll be using it again, that’s for sure. It’s a pretty average bronzer but, then again, I don’t have much to compare it to. I like that it can be subtle and that it can also be used as an eyeshadow! The packaging is really pretty though, which I love! I have enjoyed other The Beauty Crop products that I have received before so I don’t think this will be any different in the long term. It’ll stay in my lovely make-up drawers until I feel like using it. I’d currently rate this product 5/10, less for the product quality and more because I don’t see myself using it on a regular basis.


Chella Eyebrow Cream - RRP £20 for 1.8g

Now… In my little leaflet and online it says I was supposed to receive the Chella Eyebrow Gel in ‘Clear’. However, I received this Chella Eyebrow Cream in ‘Taupe’. I have no complaints really. If I were near the end of my HD Brows treatment I’d probably have preferred the gel as it would help keep hairs down but at the moment, where sometimes I want a little more colour and shape, this eyebrow cream will come in handy.

The colour is a perfect match to the shade I like my eyebrows to be (darker than the hair on my head) so I was pretty pleased! You have to dip the little slanted brush into the pot of cream and then swipe over your eyebrows. Avoid using too much of this as it can look a little out of place. I found that it adds a nice bit of ooooomph to my eyebrows so I will definitely be using it in the mean time! At the moment, I’d rate this product 7/10 because I’d like to test the longevity of the product. Having said that, I did test the colour on my hand and it’s pretty hard to get off without using make-up remover.

Emma Hardie Midas Touch Revitalising Cream - RRP £44 for 50ml

I honestly think that moisturisers are something that need to be used for a while before you can see the long-term results. I usually go for a matte finish moisturiser to try and tame the oil in my skin without drying it out too much. However, of course I was going to try this product by Emma Hardie. It actually came at the right time because parts of my face, especially my forehead, have become a little dry over the past week. This moisturiser gave it a good amount of moisture so it didn’t feel as dry anymore.

It does feel a little ‘wetter’ around my oily patches, particularly in my t-zone. Would I purchase this for £44? Probably not. This is only because it’s meant for dry skin, so it wouldn’t be something I’d use long-term. My skin does feel nice and I have no tightness in my face, so that’s a plus! It also smells great too. I’d currently rate this product 7/10 because I do think it has helped my dry patches!

I’ve really enjoyed the products I received this month and I can’t wait to keep using them over the next few weeks! Let me know how you got on with your products.

Love, Ali x

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