The Empowerment Edition: March Glossybox Review

The Empowerment Edition: March Glossybox Review

After my first Glossybox last month, I was pretty excited to receive my next one. This month wasn’t too bad and I was actually looking forward to trying each product. Below you’ll find my review of each product that I received, along with my overall rating.

For any of you who don’t know, Glossybox is a monthly beauty subscription where you receive five products. These could be anything within the beauty, skincare or even healthcare range. It costs £10/£8.50 (depending on the plan you choose) a month plus shipping.

So, what’s in the box?

The Body Shop Shea Nourishing Body Butter - RRP £6 for 50ml

I believe you could receive one of three ‘flavours’ of this product. Funnily enough, I’ve used this product before and have bought many pots of it. Usually I like to receive products that I haven’t used before however, this small pot of the product was gladly received because it’s a nice size to fit in my bag! The scent is lovely and fresh as well as nourishing on the skin.

I often use this product on my arms and legs to ensure my skin is smooth. Having used this for a while before getting it in my subscription box, I can tell you that I’d rate it 9/10. It is a product I will buy again in future!

Essence Instant Matt Setting Spray - RRP £3 for 50ml

I’ve recently been trying more setting sprays to compare with my usual so I was delighted to receive one in my box this month! On days when my skin can get oily, I like to use a matt setting spray to try and help tame my make-up. However, so far I haven’t seen any real benefits from using this setting spray compared to my others.

When sprayed, it can come out quite thick and I can see the residue on my skin. It does dry and dissolve fairly quickly however, the results are nothing to shout about. This is a great standard setting spray if you’re on a budget - don’t get me wrong there! However, I probably wouldn’t purchase again but I will continue to use on days where I will not be wearing my make-up for over 12 hours a day.

BYBI Plumper Lip Balm - RRP £9 for 10ml

I’ve never used a lip plumper and have never been drawn particularly drawn to making my lips bigger. However, I was interested to try this product because it works as a lip balm as well. The consistency of this product is quite thick, so if you’re thinking 10ml isn’t a lot then consider that you don’t need much for each application. It’s not exactly easy to squeeze out of the tube so if you’re in a rush, you might want to skip this plumper! I have found that if you massage the tube it makes it slightly easier to get the product out.

However… the balm is moisturising and adds a subtle gloss to the lips. These are the two things I like about it most but unfortunately I’m not sure my lips looks much ‘plumper’ than before applying it. When I do apply it, it smells slightly minty and tingles my lips. The tingling isn’t uncomfortable but does stay there for a while which can be a little off-putting.

Overall, I don’t think I’d buy this product again and for that reason I would rate this product 4/10.

Laritzy Cosmetics Dew Pot - Utopia RRP £15.30

If you’ve read any of my other posts, you’ll know how much I ADORE anything that makes me glow. So… I couldn’t wait to use this little pot of glow. It’s got a light pink hue to it and does add glow to the skin. It’s not as dramatic as liquid highlighters but it does add a pleasant amount of glow.

I applied this after my foundation using my fingers and then blended it in with my beauty blender. I did use another powdered highlighter on top but that’s because I like quite a bright glow. If you want something that has a subtle glow to it, I recommend you try this. Alternatively, I do think that this would be buildable. I’d rate this product 7/10.

Bellápierre Kiss Proof Lip Crème - RRP £20

Lipsticks - who would be without them? Not me! This product is a liquid lipstick that has full coverage on the lips and dries to a matte finish. On first inspection, I just thought it was a normal lip gloss. When it dried on my lips, I was slightly surprised! To be honest, it was quite drying which I wasn’t fan of. If you’re used to this though, it would probably suit you just fine!

The colour was nice and it smells so lovely! When I saw just how matte it was, I decided to add a tiny bit of lip gloss to add a subtle shine. This was a HUGE mistake… Don’t do it! Will I be wearing this again? Yes! I’d like to properly test out its longevity. Would I purchase it again for £20? No, I don’t think so. For this reason, I’d rate this product 5/10.

I did enjoy the products I received this month and I will continue to test them out with different products or looks! If you’d like to check out my February review of Glossybox click here.

Love, Ali x

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