IL MAKIAGE Foundation: Full Review

IL MAKIAGE Foundation: Full Review

This year I’ve been on the hunt to find a foundation that beats my current favourite by No7. While browsing through Instagram, I scrolled upon an advert by IL MAKIAGE. I’d never heard of this brand before but I was intrigued by the concept that they were advertising.

So, how does it work?

This brand takes testers to the next level. They have a scheme called ‘try before you buy’, which means you receive a full sized product and only pay postage. The catch is that you cannot cancel your order and if you do not return it within two weeks, you will be charged.

In terms of choosing a colour, you can take an online quiz that asks you all sorts of questions to find your perfect foundation match. I thought this was a bit risky but actually it was spot on.


What was good?

  • The colour matched my skin perfectly, even better than my No7 foundation

  • It looked incredibly natural

  • It was lightweight and had a nice consistency

  • The packaging looked great

  • You don’t have to pay unless it’s the right foundation for your skin (but it will come out automatically, so make sure you send it back if you don’t want it)

  • Online colour match

What was not-so-good?

  • It was an impulse order, so I only saw the cancellation policy afterwards as it’s not explicit

  • The foundation mixed with the oils in my skin and separated

  • Not as long lasting as cheaper foundations

  • Quite expensive so I had high expectations


Did I keep it?

The short answer is no, I did not. Although I have listed more pros than cons above, the cons actually massively outweighed the pros. I currently pay £15 a bottle for my No7 foundation and so a foundation that it over double the price (£40) has to be something incredible in comparison.

I think the fact that my current foundation was already miles better for my skin made my mind up for me. I wasn’t going to pay so much money for a foundation that didn’t help perfect my flaws.

Although I did have to return it, I was actually quite annoyed because it was THE BEST colour match I’ve ever had! I almost couldn’t believe how well it blended with my skin.

The other thing I considered was that it was a matte foundation, which doesn't tend to do so well on my combination skin.

The whole concept of try before you buy is amazing! It means if you’re not sure about something you do not have to worry about the big expense attached to it. If you love it, you pay it. If you hate it, you return it. Simples.

Love, Ali x

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