Some By Mi: Foundation Review

Some By Mi: Foundation Review

After seeing a couple of videos of this Korean foundation being used, I was totally excited to try it for myself. Having combination skin means that some days my skin is oily, some days dry and some days both. I like good coverage and a foundation that has immense staying power.

As my days at work tend to be long, I usually end up wearing make-up for about 15 hours a day, so I like something that can cling to my face without budging as well as something that makes my skin look smooth. Unfortunately, I still haven’t been lucky enough to find such a product.

Some By Mi - Who Are They?

Some By Mi is a Korean brand that is growing in popularity both in Korea and online. They sell different skincare and make-up essentials that aim to bring out your natural beauty. I hadn’t heard of this brand until recently when I saw a beauty blogger post a video trying out the foundation.

The Product

I bought the Killing Cover Moisture Cushion in the colour ‘Light Beige’. After having great success with a different cushion product, I had high hopes for this one. The cushion that comes with the foundation aims to cover and soothe the skin simultaneously, as well as provide no irritation so it is supposed to be good for sensitive skin. It also has tea tree leaf water and other natural ingredients.

The product can be bought from YesStyle if you’re in the UK and costs £17.22 plus shipping.

The Test

I have tried this product three times now during my busy days. I wanted to test its longevity and comfort throughout my normal days.

I first tried this product with no primer, only foundation and a little powder. I wanted to see how well it covered my face and how well it lasted without any other product to hold it in place. However… unfortunately it did not live up to expectations. In terms of coverage, it was great. In terms of the shade, it was great - not too pale, not too orange (I have quite pale skin). In terms of longevity though, it fell short. In fact, after a couple of hours I noticed that in my problem areas (around my nose, mouth and forehead) it had already moved on my face. It was a total shame because in terms of comfort and coverage, it was great.


On the second day, I tried it using the NYX Honey Dew Me Up Primer and my e.l.f. Cosmetics Setting Spray with the foundation but again it did not live up to expectations. My face actually looked quite oily after half the day and this wasn’t in a dewy, glow-y kind of way. I know that my skin is difficult but I don’t have much time each day to try and spend ages on my make-up. I’m wondering if this foundation is a picky product… what I mean by that is perhaps I need to experiment with different primers or setting sprays to see what it works best with. However… if a product is that picky, is it worth it?

The next day I tried it with the same primer but way less setting spray. For the third time, my problem areas soon began to show. The foundation was so moveable on my face all day. By this point I started to use my Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge to see if that made a difference when applying. Again, coverage was good but it did not look as nice as I’d hoped. Perhaps it’s the type of skin that I have but this product is not particularly compatible.

Will I Use it Again?

I think I will use this product again but not on the days where I need to wear make-up for 15 hours. I’d like to experiment to see if it works better with my other primers, or perhaps there’s some trick I’m missing… If you have any tips, I’d love to hear them because it would be a shame not to be able to use this product.

I probably won’t buy this again unless I find some miracle cure to solve my problem-area worries. I do like that it provides medium-full coverage and that the colour is good, despite only being available in two colours. I also like the packaging because it means it’s easy not to go overboard. It also goes a long way. However, it just didn’t do it for me in terms of how long it lasts and I definitely need that to work, especially considering I have problematic and acne skin anyway.

Please let me know if you can provide me with any tips for this foundation!

Love, Ali x

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